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March 30th, 2011

On Sale: Beth Paynter

by Gemma

The Exchange now has a range of Beth Paynter’s handmade products on sale.

About Beth:

Beth is an artist and craftsperson and mainly works in illustrations, wood and ceramics, her work is mainly based on animals as she loves them! she also loves the natural beauty of wood so tries not to take away from that too much, she hopes that in the future her work will help to educate people on issues such as animal cruelty and the natural environment.

She feels it is important that art be accessable to everyone so tries to make her illustrations as light-hearted as possible so people can relate to them, she also likes to show the different personality quirks of animals.

With her 3d work she likes to bring the natural beauty of nature inside the home, she makes none functioning, decorative objects that can be placed in the home, given as gifts or kept as keepsakes.

Her websites are:-

I’m also on facebook, twitter and etsy.

March 20th, 2011

On Sale: Charlene Holmes

by Marcus

Charlene’s paintings are now available for sale.

Her work deals with themes of waiting and Autumn. Her piece “Autumn” draws inspiration from the linear abstract forms of Mondrian executed in lustrous Autumnal shades to evoke feelings of the changing of Autumn and distorted light shining through the leaves of a tree. “Forna” is a beautifully painted study of Autumn Leaves a post stamp of various plant life composed to form a woodland scene.

Here’s what the artist has to say about herself:

“I have painted and drawn all my life. I studied at Leek F.E and Staffordshire Polytechnic. I am a full time Artist and find that I cannot wait to get up in the morning to develop a new painting”

Come and see her work for yourself.

March 20th, 2011


by Marcus

The Exchange team are very chuffed. Working with the City Centre team we have been given the green light to remain at No8 Cheapside untill July 2011..

That’s very good news!!! Having worked so hard since launching at the end of last year to get everything as we think it should be.  Now at the point where we have such a fantastic variety of Art on display and Events happening.   Having too shut up shop on our original deadline of April would be a crying shame. We hope you agree.


We would like to say a big Thank you to the City Centre.

The Exchange Team.

March 20th, 2011

Behjat Omer Abdulla Studio Artist.

by Marcus

Upstairs at the Exchange we have studio spaces for hire.  One of our Studio Artists is the fantastic Behjat.

Behjat mainly works with graphite and charcoal to create exquisite, detailed portraiture.  Two of his pieces (pictured below) are currently on display for Sale here at The Exchange.

Drawings £85 each.

In the past Behjat has used passport photographs of asylum seekers, and blown the photos up to produce large scale, photo realistic, portrait drawings, through which he explores the themes of identity and political asylum.

He has developed interesting methods of mark making and builds his own drawing tools from rolls of canvas, which are then bound by cotton and covered with graphite powder.  You can have a sneak peak at his studio space and the array of tools he uses pictured below.

For more information on Behjat visit his website

He is available for commissions, site specific work and workshops. Come into The Exchange and see his work in person or speak to the Artist himself. It’s having artists like Behjat in our space and continually creating that makes this project so exciting

March 14th, 2011

Manifesto Making: Modes of Practice Event

by Gemma

On Saturday 12 March, we were pleased to host New Generation Space led by Anna Francis with speakers Emily Speed and Rich White.

We heard an honest account of artist, Emily Speed and her experiences of getting “paid” and the choices you make as an artist about how you get paid. Emily writes a blog for a-n, which you can visit here.

I met Rich White late last year when I took part in Interrogation: West Bromwich, and his talk at the conference had particular resonance with me. Although I’m not an artist in the obvious sense, I too had found myself in a weird place in writing myself into a bid/application for money and had written about feeling guilty about charging a fee. This all feeds into the idea that artists aren’t professionals or that artists/arts professionals should be somehow on the breadline. His paper for his talk on Saturday can be found here.

After hearing from the speakers and we were posed a number of questions to get us thinking about what the future might hold for the arts and for artists, and any impact we might be already be experiencing.

Following the group work we all came together to create the below Manifesto. I intend to live and work by the manifesto, and that means The Exchange will – I hope you will too.


1. Be Active: Support each others’ endeavours
2. Be Active: Be Political
3. Be Active: Keep making art
4. Value Yourself, your time and your skills
5. Share resources and knowledge
6. Focus/Strategise/Plan
7. Be Critical: Quality Assure
8. Know your rights

Anna, Emily and Rich will be making posters, and we’ll share them too. See Anna’s blog for the full event coverage.

Images by Glen Stoker.

February 28th, 2011

Event: Modes of Practice in an Age of Austerity

by Gemma
With Emily Speed, Rich White and Anna Francis

Saturday 12 March/ 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Event Venue: The Exchange, 8 Cheapside, City Centre, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 1HE

FREE, but Booking Essential


How do we survive the cuts without sacrificing or compromising our practice, ethics and professionalism?

Modes of Practice in an Age of Austerity is an event for artists and other creative practitioners to explore and discuss strategies for survival in a time where cuts threaten to obliterate the art world in the U.K. and beyond.

Artist Emily Speed will talk about her practice and approach to ‘Getting Paid’ as discussed in her a-n blog.

Artist Rich White will discuss how he assesses opportunities not just on how much money they bring in, but in terms of other benefits as well, and how a practitioner whose work is not saleable in the traditional sense survives in these difficult times.

The event will culminate in a group discussion activity which will aim to create a dialogue and explore the issues that artists face in light of the cuts, we will then come up with strategies for avoiding bad practice. We will aim to set out ideals and a set of rules which will form the manifesto: Modes of Practice in an Age of Austerity, which will  be turned into a working document designed by Rich White, Emily Speed and Anna Francis – and will form a petition for artists to sign up to after the event.

Be part of something important. Please email: to book a place for this timely event.


click here for additional information


To book a place on this workshop please email
I think this is an event not to be missed.
February 27th, 2011

Event: Ceramic Workshop from Denise O’Sullivan

by Gemma

Saturday 19 March 2011, 1pm – 3pm

We’re excited to announce that Denise O’Sullivan, an artist and maker who is on sale at The Exchange,  will be running a Ceramic Workshop in our space.

The session will go as follows:

1pm: Hello and refreshments

1.30pm: A demonstration of how to create images onto clay

1.45pm: Get your hands dirty!

2.45pm: How you found it…and close

Places are limited to 10 people, booking is essential and all for the bargain price of £5!

The techniques you’ll be using in the workshop will be:

  • exploration of the use of Slip and pigments to create imagery on the clay surface
  • Pre rolled out clay slabs will be used to create 2D and 3d forms

Denise will be holding a series of ceramic workshops in the coming months and these will be available to book at this workshop and on our blog…join our mailing list for updates.

To book email:

T&C’s: Any cancellations must give 48hours notice, payment should be made in advance at The Exchange or by BACS to secure your place.

February 26th, 2011

STATIC: Pop-Up Party, Late Night Digital Delights

by Gemma

Ok, the time is approaching when you might get ready to visit us for the evenings digital delights.

From around 6.30pm Paul Rogerson from locally based Touching Sounds recently launched their first product, Khoros – an interactive musical instrument designed for absolutely anyone of any musical ability. Come and experience it for yourself.

Followed by audio and visuals from bITjAM who are excited about our mirrored walls…FREE ENTRY and a paid bar – all at The Exchange on Cheapside.

Unsure of where we are click here

February 25th, 2011

STATIC: #DATfest 25/02/11 Screenings @ The Exchange

by Gemma

Today we’ll be the programme of screenings is as follows:

2.30pm: TALKING CITY LIVE with ASK ANNA (artist: Anna Francis)

3.15pm: Denim & Leather (artists: Andrew Branscombe, David Bethell & Glen Stoker)

4pm: this way, that way (artist: Glen stoker)

4.45pm: Catwalk Clothes Swap Sound Installation (artist: Tom Marshman and Neil Rose)

5.15pm: TALKING CITY LIVE with ASK ANNA (artist: Anna Francis)

6pm: Close

Other stuff to do…

Today you can also have a got at DIY Digital at the Exchange – come and pick up some equipment, materials and go create!

As part of DATfest you can attend MEDIAFAIL Workshop: 2-5pm, 100 Stories at 6.15pm at the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery and got to eMBODYments from 7.30pm at the Potteries Musuem & Art Gallery for more visit:

February 22nd, 2011

Event: STATIC | Late Night Digital Delights

by Gemma

STATIC: Late Night Digital Delights

Saturday 26 February | 8.30pm onwards

PRICE: Free – Tickets can be obtained from The Exchange or (on the door for a donation!)

An evening of electronic and digital music, visuals, and much more! We’ll be hosting artists, dj’s and who knows what else…all this and bITjAM. This is a DATfest and Stoke Your Fires fringe event.

Times: 8.30pm – 11.30pm

Interested in being involved come along in advance, and tell us what you can offer.

T&C’s: Over 18s only (proof maybe required). We reserve the right to refuse entry.