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February 26th, 2011

STATIC: Pop-Up Party, Late Night Digital Delights

by Gemma

Ok, the time is approaching when you might get ready to visit us for the evenings digital delights.

From around 6.30pm Paul Rogerson from locally based Touching Sounds recently launched their first product, Khoros – an interactive musical instrument designed for absolutely anyone of any musical ability. Come and experience it for yourself.

Followed by audio and visuals from bITjAM who are excited about our mirrored walls…FREE ENTRY and a paid bar – all at The Exchange on Cheapside.

Unsure of where we are click here

February 26th, 2011

STATIC: Saturday and Sunday Schedule #datfest

by Gemma

Good day at The Exchange today, some new and familiar faces.

We have all equipment and materials ready to go for DIY Digital and our site and archive ready to be populated with your creations. So drop in and sign out! We’ve got people datalogging as we speak.

Our Screenings schedule for tomorrow and Sunday will be as follows:


1.45pm: Denim & Leather

2.30pm: this way, that way

3.15pm: Catwalk Clothes Swap Sound Installation

4pm: The guest slot…


5.30pm: this way, that way

On Saturday from 6.30pm onwards Paul Rogerson will be setting up his new interactive musical creation, for all to come along and have a go, then he’ll be followed by bITjAM. We’ll be open til 11.30pm for these Late Night Digital Delights…

See you then…

To get your e copy of the brochure: STATICProgramme

February 25th, 2011

STATIC: #DATfest 25/02/11 Screenings @ The Exchange

by Gemma

Today we’ll be the programme of screenings is as follows:

2.30pm: TALKING CITY LIVE with ASK ANNA (artist: Anna Francis)

3.15pm: Denim & Leather (artists: Andrew Branscombe, David Bethell & Glen Stoker)

4pm: this way, that way (artist: Glen stoker)

4.45pm: Catwalk Clothes Swap Sound Installation (artist: Tom Marshman and Neil Rose)

5.15pm: TALKING CITY LIVE with ASK ANNA (artist: Anna Francis)

6pm: Close

Other stuff to do…

Today you can also have a got at DIY Digital at the Exchange – come and pick up some equipment, materials and go create!

As part of DATfest you can attend MEDIAFAIL Workshop: 2-5pm, 100 Stories at 6.15pm at the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery and got to eMBODYments from 7.30pm at the Potteries Musuem & Art Gallery for more visit:

February 22nd, 2011

Event: STATIC | Late Night Digital Delights

by Gemma

STATIC: Late Night Digital Delights

Saturday 26 February | 8.30pm onwards

PRICE: Free – Tickets can be obtained from The Exchange or (on the door for a donation!)

An evening of electronic and digital music, visuals, and much more! We’ll be hosting artists, dj’s and who knows what else…all this and bITjAM. This is a DATfest and Stoke Your Fires fringe event.

Times: 8.30pm – 11.30pm

Interested in being involved come along in advance, and tell us what you can offer.

T&C’s: Over 18s only (proof maybe required). We reserve the right to refuse entry.

February 22nd, 2011

Events: DIY Digital (25 Feb – 19 March 2011)

by Gemma


25 Feb – 19 March 2011 | 10am – 5.30pm

The Exchange will have a range of digital recording equipment and general materials for you to come along, sign out and take away to create your very own digital wonder – whether it is using a GPS to track your own movements, create your own short film, or audio-scape.

Simply come along, sign out, and pay a small refundable deposit, leave your creation and see it uploaded onto our online archive.

February 22nd, 2011

Event: Artist Screenings 25, 26, 27 Feb 2011 (STATIC)

by Gemma

STATIC is the space between channels and The Exchange is the space between DATfest and Stoke Your Fires (festivals happening in the City Centre). As part of these we are pleased to be hosting a number of events, screenings and much more.

So here is a sneaky peak to the artist films we’ll be screening from 12 – 6pm, Friday to Sunday.


ARTIST: anna francis

RUNNING TIME: approx. 20mins

TALKING CITY LIVE with ASK ANNA is the final product of a commission for artist Anna Francis as part of SHOP in October 2010. This commission saw Anna develop a new piece of work with her character – ASK ANNA, The Regeneration Agony Aunt.

Stoke on Trent is undergoing huge regeneration and this applies to Stoke Town the location of SHOP. This video is the result of the commission, following the live performances at SHOP and includes interviews with local residents, council employees, local businesses and artists/practitioners who work in the town and city.

About Anna:

Anna Francis is an artist, curator and lecturer at Staffordshire University. Here work explores places undergoing change and examines their personal histories through mapping, performance, interventions and documentation. She is based in Stoke on Trent, but works nationally and internationally.



ARTIST: andrew branscombe & david bethell

RUNNING TIME: 20 Minutes

Denim & Leather have been going for almost two years now and have performed at various music events in Staffordshire.

This is a short video documentary of the band.

Denim & Leather is a Collaboration between David Bethell, Andrew Branscombe and Glen Stoker.



ARTIST: glen stoker

RUNNING TIME: approx. 8 mins

this way, that way by Glen Stoker explores the perceived disconnect for people arriving at Stoke station in knowing where the City Centre is and where Stoke Town centre is. Stoker spent two days this January talking to members of the public and asking them to simply tell him the way the Stoke Centre. The results of which are in this short film.

this way, that way was a SHOP Commission.



ARTIST: tom marshman

Friday 25 Feb – Sunday 27 Feb, played intermittently.


Tom Marshman carried out a residency at SHOP in Stoke Town in September 2010. The residency saw members of the public bring in items of forgotten clothing with particular memories and donate them to Tom. The stories were recorded to create this sound installation.

This sound installation is something he created with sound artist.

About Tom

Tom’s work actively encourages a dialogue with his audience and participants aiming to create a safe space to share their thoughts and experiences. The results give evocative authentic glimpses into everyday things. To date his work has addressed issues that are often considered as mundane or commonplace. Tom’s work celebrates everyday domestic objects, exploring what is often taken for granted. He places his work in unusual spaces, developing the work in the community that exists there.