On Sale: Stephen Harvey ‘Echoes of Pain’

by Gemma

We now have Stephen Harvey’s book, Echoes of Pain: A life of violence on sale at The Exchange.

About Stephen (from www.stokewriters.webs.com)

My name is Stephen Harvey and I am an author from Stoke on Trent in the West Midlands area of the United Kingdom. I work in education but my true love is writing.

I have just completed my first novel ‘Echoes Of Pain’ and self published it while I seek a publisher and agent to promote it worldwide. I am also sharing my books of poetry and other educational material via the web store on this page.

My books were released initially in E-Book format only. This was not my ideal format but it was necessary to lower the costs of publishing. I was very privileged to receive some fabulous reviews from readers from all over Stoke on Trent and the United Kingdom and I have even sold a copy of my novel to an ex-patriot living in Australia, who has been using it with his counseling work I believe.

This early success has led me to my decision to self publish ‘Echoes Of Pain’ as a proper book in A5 paperback format. I came to this decision after lots of feedback from local writers, literary groups, friends, colleagues and some readers who expressed their desire for what they called ‘a real book’

My other titles are also available in different formats including electronic (PDF) which is still a very popular way to enjoy books, and if Amazon can be believed “The future of the Novel”

I have to admit that although I am a fan of electronic books, there is something very special about the feel of a properly bound book to read and hold in your hand. We all know what fantastic gifts they can make to a loved one, and I still treasure the books that I have either purchased for myself, or been given as a gift.

Echoes of Pain is available to buy for £6.99.

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